The Uplifting Power of Human Interaction

The Uplifting Power of Human Interaction


Garry Jacobs
President and CEO, World Academy of Art & Science;
Chairman of the Board and CEO, World University Consortium

Janani Ramanathan,
Fellow, World Academy of Art & Science
Senior Research Associate, The Mother’s Service Society, India


Creative Sparks

Just as striking two flints together creates a spark, bringing together two or more ideas, objects, or people is a creative act. When two ideas are connected together, thought is born. Every progressive step in human development has been a result of making these connections. Early humans began by making elementary connections. They connected the sky with rain, plants and animals with food, the sun with light and warmth. This helped them survive. They concatenated different sounds to symbolize objects, thoughts, acts and feelings, and thus language was born. They devised corresponding written symbols for the spoken language, and writing came to be. With more advanced powers of thinking and the ability to communicate with others using language, they started making more complex connections. Climate was connected with seasons and good health was found to correspond with hygiene. The seed, soil, sun and water were understood as essential for agriculture. The physical act of impregnation was discovered as the cause for childbirth ten months later. The advantages of hunting in groups and belonging to a community were seen. With greater personal and communal interconnections, humans developed far more complex mental faculties, related cause and effect, and thus civilization developed.


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Garry JacobsGarry Jacobs is President and CEO of the World Academy of Art & Science (USA), an international think-tank founded in 1960 by eminent scientists and intellectuals working on strategies to accelerate sustainable and equitable global development. For over forty years, Jacobs has been engaged in research in social development, employment, education, psychology, human-centred Economics, organizational theory and management strategies. He is also a management consultant and partner since 1987 in Mira International, a consulting firm providing management guidance to firms in a wide range of industries in the USA, Europe and India. The integrating theme in Jacobs’ work is consciously applying the process of growth and development as it expresses at the level of the individual, organization, nation and the global community. He is author of hundreds of articles on economics, business and global affairs and co-author of two business books on the process of corporate growth, a book on Indian development and a novel on spirituality and business. He is also the Chairman of the Board of World University Consortium (USA); Vice-President of Mother’s Service Society, an educational and social science research institute in India; Distinguished Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Person-Centered Approach Institute, Italy and an international member of the Club of Rome

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