The Uplifting Power of Human Interaction

The Uplifting Power of Human Interaction

Contradictions are Complements

The meeting of two people or forces has enormous scope for tension and conflict. But it is at these points of contradiction that there is enormous scope for creativity as well. Reconciling contradictions gives birth to truths. It is only when we come into contact with people with different perspectives and priorities than our own that our perspectives widen. The difference between our way of viewing reality and what is presented by a situation, a person, a viewpoint or by a culture are opportunities for creative thinking and action. Be it contradictory ideas, opposing theories or people with differing views, when we try to relate and harmonize two opposites, what results is creativity and innovation.

Perfecting Organization through Values

People can work together only when a certain minimum standard is maintained, in appearance, manners, behaviour and character, by everyone. A certain level of work quality, ethics, harmony, integrity, patience and self-giving become necessary for teamwork. In this way, collaboration necessitates positive values. Values are essential for sustained success at any level, in any field. They are spiritual skills that cap physical, organizational and psychological skills.

Goals coordinate intentions. Organization coordinates action. Values are the ultimate instrument for the coordination of attitudes. Values effectively and creatively organize the concept of perfection that we strive for. When this uniquely human quality of positive values is combined to the productive power of organized human capital, we collectively become a limitless reservoir of creative power.


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