The Uplifting Power of Human Interaction

The Uplifting Power of Human Interaction

The Power of Organization

The secret behind the success of collaboration is the power of organization. The greatest invention of humanity is not the wheel, steam engine, transportation, communication or the internet. It is the deceptively humble organization. Organization is integral to all growth and success. People with energy and motivation need an organization to channelize their capacities towards accomplishing a goal. Energy is the source of productivity and the driving force of all growth. But it is the starting point, by itself it is not enough. Motivation can give direction, but it cannot fully utilize the full potential of everyone. In order for a group of people, family, community, company or any organization to function at its most collaborative best, it needs organization. An organization, with clearly defined qualitative and quantitative goals and systems that facilitate achievement of these goals is like the hydroelectric plant that converts the force of the waters of a raging river into usable electric power.

A child can be full of energy, but much of it is spent in constant movement and activity without accomplishing anything. A person without a direction or purpose can meander through the day or even an entire lifetime without achieving anything. Even according to the laws of Physics, it is when energy is given a specific direction that it becomes a force capable of accomplishing work. But direction is still not enough. A mob may have a high level of energy and a clear purpose. But it is generally not effective in any productive task. Just as in Physics a force must act through an instrument in order to accomplish work, directed energy must be channelled through an organization to become a productive power. This is achieved by the structure and systems of an organization. Then the skills, capacities and creativity in people are transformed into creative power.

A good organization, be it at the level of a family or a multi-national corporation, designs efficient systems and procedures. It clearly defines levels of authority and responsibility. It sets rules and minimum standards for people and their work. It distributes energy and resources throughout its operations and focuses them at those points where they are most needed. It optimally unites people’s skills, authority, responsibilities and their shared goal. Archimedes once said, “If you give me a lever that is long enough and a fulcrum to rest it upon, I can lift the earth.” Organization does this task of the fulcrum and the lever. It enables every individual to extend himself or herself infinitely over space and time, to perform actions and accomplish work on a scale impossible for any number of people working separately. The better the organization, the better the synergy, coordination and integration of its people, activities and systems, and the greater the productive capacity of every individual.


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