The Uplifting Power of Human Interaction

The Uplifting Power of Human Interaction

Collaboration brings the best of each group to the mission. There is also an emotional angle when people meet. The Apollo programme manager George Müller who had to manage the vast pyramid of organizations and people used the psychological impact of collaboration as well. He sent each astronaut selected for the moon mission to visit the factories making the parts. Each astronaut was a national hero, and his personal visit and interaction with the factory workers not only motivated the workers to give their best, it also made them feel responsible for the astronaut’s safety. A single technical glitch on their part could kill the man they had met personally – this compelled each of these thousands of people involved to devote their all to the Apollo 11 mission.

Fifty years later, technology has pervaded every aspect of our lives. Technology combines with every existing system today, making it more powerful. Great businesses have resulted by combining existing models with technology, such as:
Automobiles + GPS = App-based transportation services
Music + Internet = Music streaming services
Stores + Website = Online retail
Hotels + Aggregator sites = Online travel booking
Teachers + Communication technology = Online tutoring
Classroom + Video recording + Internet = Massive Open Online Courses
The more and more we are able to collaborate, and the more disparate the individual systems we combine, the more powerful and creative the product.


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