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Theory E²: Working with Entrepreneurs in Closely-Held Enterprises–VI. The Inspiring Entrepreneur

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William Bergquist

While the assertive entrepreneur provides the fire to move a closely-held enterprise forward, the inspiring entrepreneur helps the closely-held enterprise decide where it wants to, or should, go. The assertive executive burns up the resources of the closely-held enterprise; the inspiring executive helps to import resources from outside the organization. Inspiring entrepreneurs serve as the strange attractors of which chaos theorist and, more recently, organizational theorists, speak.  Often with minimal effort, the inspiring entrepreneur attracts media attention and the interest of people who are only vaguely acquainted with her organization. Like many gurus (ranging from Buddha to Jesus) the inspiring entrepreneur often seems to gather people and resources around her without even trying.

The inspiring entrepreneur also helps other members of his enterprise to decide which resources to use and articulates the reasons for doing so. The inspiring entrepreneur encourages an organization to look at its potential. The inspiring executive draws attention to that which is important in the closely-held enterprise and away from that which is unimportant or distracting. The inspiring entrepreneur often asks simple questions as a way of drawing attention to important matters. How do we get help to people who really need it? What really is our business? Why are we doing this? What would our founder think about what we are doing right now?

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