What Has the Coronavirus Taught Us in Our Life?

What Has the Coronavirus Taught Us in Our Life?

If you connect with family and friends you are providing for your need of connection. If you take care of your health you are taking care of your safety, and if you do those things that you are able to do that engage your strengths, abilities and talents, you are engaging in your satisfaction.

Finally, like what Tom Hollaway said in his book “The Relationship Principles of Jesus”, the book “The Purpose Driven Life”, focused on personal renewal. This is the starting point Everything starts in the heart. When physical distancing is deemed necessary, please take care of your mental health by practicing compassion towards yourself and your inner experience.

The second kind of renewal stated in Tom Hollaway book is relational renewal. Please protect your community by practicing the compassionate act of physical distancing. When physical distancing is deemed necessary, social and emotional connectedness is even more critical. Our interconnectedness has never been more clearly on display. We are united in this situation not as a moral imperative, but as a survival imperative.


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