What Keeps High-Achieving Women From Choosing Executive Positions. VI. Results: Themes One – Three

What Keeps High-Achieving Women From Choosing Executive Positions. VI. Results: Themes One – Three

Sample interview responses:

(AW) “I’ve never felt afraid to try something. I may put my foot in and then be concerned that I can’t live up to the fact that I stuck my foot in. But I’ve never said no. Unless it was something I didn’t want to do like sales. So I choose not to do sales. But I don’t doubt that I can complete something and I don’t doubt that I can stick to things.”

(MR) “My first two companies promoted me quickly to positions beyond my capabilities, both in experience and knowledge. But I rose to the challenge and figured it out.”

(JS) “I think the things that have happened to me in my life have been a matter of opportunity meets capability. I have the opportunity to do it and I didn’t shy away from it. I make things happen.”

(NM) “I’m not fearful. I don’t worry about how. I just do it.”

Survey response: 44% said they sometimes experience self doubt, and only after they accept an assignment, not before. 16% said they never experience self-doubt.

Sample survey comments:

“The self doubt is fleeting. Every time I accept a new challenge and before I’ve gotten into it, I do think about how I’m going to master the new challenge.”

“I usually feel when faced with a new position that I may not have the skills or I may not be ready for the challenge. This usually passes once I am in the position within 4 months.”

“For a moment after I accept an assignment, I gasp. But the feeling is fleeting.”

“When I get into a situation where I have a new challenge or I don’t know how to approach something, I don’t doubt myself. Instead, I automatically get the mindset that there’s a way to figure it out; I just need to identify the way/resources to do that.”


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